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Album Design

Every album we design is truly one of a kind. Since we never use templates, each design is custom tailored to reflect your clients' style and the theme of their specific event. With a strong photography background, we pay special attention to lighting and composition and use design techniques to enhance the most important details of your work. We put no limit on the number of photos you can submit, and we always focus on the entire album. So you can rest assured that the finished product will flow seamlessly, illustrating the event in a story to be cherished forever.

Color Correction

Having designed and prepared hundreds albums for photo labs, we understand the requirements for accurate color reproduction. As photographers, we have a trained eye for color. And as production artists we know about color space and how to adjust files for optimal imaging. That's why we color correct every image you send us. So you can be proud of the finished product you give your clients.


From eliminating blemishes to removing power lines from an otherwise perfect photo, we offer adjustments that enhance even your finest images. Our designs implement blending techniques that will amaze your clients without ever looking overdone or out of place.


Over the years ZOHO has developed tight relationships with various photo labs. We can provide you with the highest quality prints – of any size or quantity – for binding with the album company of your choice.


If you need a one-stop shop to handle all your design and production needs, look no further. We can deliver bound albums of any type, quickly and affordably.